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Ids & Unitelm


The Ids & Unitelm Data Center is part of an extensive and complex design process involving several locations. It started, in fact, with the design of a highly technological infrastructure housed inside a deconsecrated church in Padua before finishing up inside the buildings of the Istituto Centrale del Sostentamento del Clero (ICSC) (Central Institute for the Support and Maintenance of the Clergy) in Rome.

It is the result of Ids & Unitelm’s desire to create a web farm designed to meet the IT needs of Religious Organisations (parishes, dioceses, ecclesiastical bodies, Catholic publishing houses), non-profit-making companies, voluntary and cultural organisations. A humanistic type of project (which can also be perceived from the quality of the spaces) combines harmoniously with one that is able to guarantee high levels of flexibility, scalability and equipment reliability, through correct compartmentalisation of the spaces and a high degree of plant redundancy.