about us


In-Site is an integrated engineering company that specialises in the design and construction of complex infrastructures in which technological aspects play a central role.

Formed in Milan in 2006, the company’s core business is the integrated design of workplace environments and data centers, fields in which In-Site has acquired a wealth of experience through years of managing the entire process of the construction of these complex infrastructures. The company’s avant-garde expertise in developing critical infrastructures has also enabled it to successfully embrace the healthcare sector, designing highly technological spaces such as operating theatres, radiology centres or cardiac intensive care units.

In-sites’s in-depth knowledge of constructional and plant systems, combined with its architectural expertise, allows it to offer its Clients complete proposals based on a holistic view of the design aspects. Whether creating new spaces or modifying existing ones, In-Site guarantees high diagnostic capability, immediate interpretation of the Client’s needs in the digital era and close attention to the relationship between man and the environment, all combined with careful optimisation of the functional aspects. In-Site’s design expertise has over time been enhanced by the acquisition of the additional organisational and supervisory skills required to create complex infrastructures. This allows the company to also offer its services as General Contractor, supervising the work from an overall perspective and guaranteeing its economic and temporal dimensioning.

Its ability to perform this role, too, allows In-Site to offer an integrated service, typical of the large corporations, but with the added value of having a flexible and dynamic structure. This aspect gives the company a competitive edge above all in the realisation of projects in the Workplace environment, where In-Site’s presence in the role of General Contractor enables it to fully express its corporate philosophy.