14 DECEMBER 2017

Lepida Data Centre designed by In-site has been inaugurated in Parma

The infrastructure, characterized by the maximum parameters of functionality, flexibility and security, is a point of reference in the regional network of Lepida SpA, together with the nodes of Ravenna and Bologna

6 APRIL 2017

In-Site achieves the Accredited Tier Designer certification from Uptime Institute

The ATD certification certifies the ability to apply Tier specifications by optimizing the Data Center design process, maintaining a vendor-neutral approach, reducing risk factors and ensuring the achievement of requirements.

1 MARCH 2017

In-Site joins the Open Hub Med project

After designing the Carini Data Center, the company acquired a 4.76% stake in the consortium, bringing with it all of its considerable expertise.


Open Hub MedOpen Hub Med chooses In-Site to design the first neutral hub in the Mediterranean area.


Business Factory 1 - RenovationThe Business Factory 1 building is undergoing both structural renovation and technological and plant upgrading. The use of one of the most cutting-edge technologies will allow expansion of the customer base and the entry of a new major business.

30 APRIL 2015

Conformity with Ansi/Tia 942-A-2012 standard

ANSI/TIA-942 lays down a quality standard for Data centers that covers all of the building’s physical and infrastructural characteristics such as site location, architectural layout, electrical, mechanical and telecommunications equipment, fire safety and security.

12 DECEMBER 2014

Showcase BT Italia

A space conceived as concrete representation of the company’s brand identity and of its mission: connectivity and communication as global drivers of change.